The dog was looking forward to baby’s arrival and since he was born, has always been by his side, they became inseparable… ?VIDEO

Seeing how your puppy and toddler get along is a unique joy; in this gorgeous and cute video you can see how Volpino puppy loves his little brother and how they spend time together.

The two also coexist with another dog just as cute, but the relationship between them is truly unique. Volpino is always next to his little man, sees how he plays, relaxes and has fun; the furry one watches as the child also plays with another dog, but does not feel any jealousy.

The fluffy white guy’s name is Milk and he enjoys being around his little brother; dog owners and parents of the little one, fortunately, decided to capture these moments and share them online. It is always a pleasure to watch the progress of puppies and babies, and when these progresses occur at the same time, the joy is truly unique.