Watching a child laugh is the most enjoyable thing. Children’s funny reactions to head massage… ?VIDEO

The soft scalp of your newborn baby may make you wonder: Is my baby ready for a head massage? They are certainly ready to enjoy the benefits of a good hair massage. The key is to be gentle and use soft strokes. If your child doesn’t like having their head touched, stop massaging their head and wait until they’re a little older before trying again. The head of a newborn has soft bones that have not yet fused.

They are known as fontanelles and are located on the top and back of the head. The back fontanel closes by the time your baby is 6 weeks old and the top fontanelle closes when your baby is 18 months old. Therefore, during the first six weeks, avoid pressure on the baby’s head during the massage. Instead, gently pat the oil on the baby’s head and let the oil soak into the skin.

Once your baby’s bones have hardened, you can gently press and move your fingers in a circular motion over the baby’s head. If your child is small and cannot hold his head up yet, lay him on his back and apply oil on his head. This will prevent excess fat from getting on the baby’s face and provide him with comfort.