Wow, the acrobatics are great, and the dolphins are very smart. They really have a lot of creativity… ?VIDEO

Hakkeijima Sea Paradise in Yokohama is a huge marine park that occupies an entire island off the coast of the city of Kanazawa. There is an oceanarium, a water park with huge slides, attractions, restaurants, shops and much more. This is a unique mixture of entertainment, educational excursions and vivid impressions.

The park is conditionally divided into Aqua Resorts (oceanarium zone) and Pleasure Land (entertainment zone). You can come to the island completely freely, but a fee is charged for the entrance to the aquarium and entertainment area. Interesting events regularly take place on the island throughout the year – for example, fireworks shows.

A day ticket gives access to the aquarium without limiting the number of visits, and an evening ticket is cheaper. Seaside Paradise is easily accessible from Tokyo and Yokohama by train on the Seaside Line. Yokohama – 30 minutes from Tokyo via the Keihin, Yokosuka or Tokaido lines. From Yokohama Station, take 20 minutes on the Negishi Line to Shin-sugita Station, and then another 20 minutes on the Seaside Line to Hakkeijima Station near the park.