Playing with ducks makes kids smile and fill with joy… ?VIDEO

This simple water game with three little ducklings will make your little one dazzle. Children will have fun interacting with the mother duck and her ducklings when they put them in the water. You will love the ease of setting up this water game that gives kids plenty of opportunities to play and learn.

We recently found this mother duck with three baby ducklings on Amazon and immediately knew they were perfect for groundwater. They are a beautiful bright yellow color and are perfect for toddlers. They even creak when pressed!

This activity is perfect for collaborating with some of your favorite duck books. Some of our favorites: While your little one is leading the ducklings in the water, take advantage of the language development opportunities. Talk about the placement of ducks in relation to the mother duck. Use simple words and phrases with your little one when you place your duck and ducklings in the water.