Special and unique bond between grandparents and babies… ?VIDEO

From the very beginning, many parents-to-be feel tension or a sense of separation between two or even three or four groups of grandparents who insist on their desires. This is a recipe for stress that future parents definitely do not need. As much as possible, stay positive, be flexible and go with the flow.

Focus on supporting future parents, rather than telling them what you want – they will appreciate it. When it comes to visits, especially the most important first visit to see the baby, be gentle. You may not be invited to attend the birth or go to the hospital or maternity hospital immediately after it. Do not be offended – this is the decision of young parents. The same thing happens if they don’t respond to your suggestions of the baby’s name.

It can make life easier for everyone if you communicate directly with other grandparents — about events like baby showers, for example — rather than through future parents. If you don’t already know other grandparents, ask them to introduce themselves.