Such heartwarming moment. Soldiers return home from deployment and surprise their families… ?VIDEO

Upon returning home, you may feel out of sync or disconnected from your loved ones or friends. Tiredness, changing pace, and adjusting to a new routine can lead to frustration and short temper. If you have children, they may have emotional outbursts or even rudeness. Remember that everyone adapts. Be patient with yourself and your family.

Keep the lines of communication open, allow everyone to express their feelings, and give everyone time to find a new normal. The mixed emotions that often accompany the return of a deployed parent can be especially confusing for children. On the one hand, they are glad that mom or dad is at home, but they can also be nervous about accommodation. Learn more about what to expect and how to support children during reintegration.

Service members may experience some issues getting back to work after deployment. Active duty service members are returning to the military community where others have “been there doing it”. Members of the National Guard and reservists are returning to the civilian workforce, where colleagues do not usually understand deployments. Learn a few simple tips to help ease the reintegration of the National Guard and reservists.