She divorced after the birth of five children. Here’s how she overcame depression.

You may remember one of our previous articles about a single mother who gave birth to six children, five of whom were born at the same time. Following the divorce, she had a depression that she managed to overcome. And below we bring to your attention her five rules of a mother with a lot of children.

When you and your little ones live on the diet, you can find time to feed and rest. So you can spend time with your children, play, and walk with them.
Distribute the forces
No need to undertake super-tasks. It is necessary to divide the plans into important, secondary, and those that later are understood as good not to have been made.

Have fun
It is something that allows you to switch. Music, drawing, sport, singing… In short, do what is available and pleasant and will allow you to have a good time.

Status change
I’m a big fan of travel, and it’s the proximity that gets on my nerves, so I make the most of outings and preferably to interesting places. Even if the journey is only a few meters from the houses, the main thing is new impressions.

The ability to calm down
What saves you when you start getting angry is the ability to count to ten, breathe time, and try to come up with something positive or better – funny. A sense of humor is a great power!