Such an amazing moment… The first steps of babies. ?VIDEO

Your baby will probably start walking somewhere between 9 and 15 months, but many babies don’t walk until 18 months. Long before your child can walk, they are building strength and skills such as muscle control, balance and coordination. You don’t need to teach your child to walk, but there are many ways to encourage him to take his first steps. And talk to your child’s doctor if he can’t walk on his own by 15 months or can’t walk by 18 months.

Most babies take their first steps somewhere between 9 and 15 months and are walking well by the time they are 15 to 18 months old. During the first year of life, your child is busy developing coordination and muscle strength in all parts of his body. Your little one will most likely learn to roll over, sit and crawl before pulling up and standing at about 9 months old. From now on, it is a matter of gaining confidence and balance. One day, your child is standing holding onto the couch—maybe traveling across it—and the next day, he’s gently taking his first steps in your waiting embrace.

Then your baby goes and runs, leaving childhood behind. Your child’s first steps are the first serious step towards independence. Long before children take their first step, they practice the skills they need to hobble around the room. To walk, your child needs muscle strength, balance, and the ability to perceive his body in space. Your baby gradually acquires these skills during the first year of life.