Baby’s excited reaction to seeing her daddy! So cute. ?VIDEO

Dads play a crucial role in the development of their child. Research has shown that children who develop a strong bond with their father are more successful in almost every aspect of their future lives. They do better in school, are able to form strong friendships and relationships, and feel more confident and secure within themselves.

Dads who spend time with their kids and play with them from day one contribute significantly more to their child’s physical and mental development than those whose dads don’t “join them.” Practical fathers also suffer less from stress. Thus, the father-child bond is of great benefit to both of you. It’s a win-win! There’s no denying that moms get a head start when it comes to bonding with their baby. They wear them for nine months and are used to them sleeping, awake and moving around in the womb.

Both mother and child also went through the process of being born together. As a newborn, your baby relies on its mother’s breast milk to survive, so there is a biological need to look to your mother for comfort. No wonder dads can feel a little left out. So, dads, how do you compete? Well, you don’t know. Remember that father-child relationships don’t always come to fathers instantly.