Toddlers trying to climb out from of their cribs… ?VIDEO

When you first brought your baby home from the hospital, you probably placed the mattress in the crib in the highest position so you could easily reach and scoop him up. But if you forgot to lower the mattress because your baby got bigger, you can buy time by setting it to the lowest position now. This can make the top of the railing high enough that your child can’t climb over it with their foot.

You can also remove any stuffed toys, blankets, or bed linen that may cheer up your child. Another way to safely use your baby’s crib against him is to turn it around so the shorter front side is flush with the wall. Obviously this won’t work if your crib has flat sides, but many have a much higher back than the front. You may have thought you were done with sleeping bags a long time ago, but it’s time to buy the largest possible size for toddlers and zip up your little escape master again.

An age-appropriate sleeping bag is a safe way to restrict your little one’s movements. Remember how you used it to keep your child from waking up in the middle of the night? If your child’s legs are wrapped in a bag, it will be more difficult for him to climb over the railing of the crib. If you have a child who is good with zippers, look for a sleeping bag with a zipper.