Adorable Kids Crawl Across The Finish Line In A Baby Race… ?VIDEO

For fans of Lithuanian basketball, the most exciting competition in the arena that evening was not the players, but the kids. BC “Zalgiris Kaunas” held a baby crawling competition, lining up the babies in a queue to determine who of them crawls the fastest. Watching these competitors crawl to the finish line just melts our hearts.

When people came down to the sports arena to watch their local basketball team compete, they were thrilled to see completely different athletes competing at halftime. BC ┼Żalgiris Kaunas hosted a crawling baby race where they lined up tiny babies and see who gets to the finish line first. Babies all over the world are cute and everyone loves to watch them crawl.

So it was with the crowd in Lithuania that evening, when families with babies participated in the races. The cheers and laughter seemed to spur some kids on, confuse others, and even make a couple of kids miserable. Regardless of who crossed the finish line, the real winners were everyone who saw it.