Babies Making Friend with Parrots… ?VIDEO

Like many other animals, parrots are unaccustomed to their surroundings, new routines, strange sounds, or the new owner can be shy and nervous. Whether your pet parrot is new to you or not, before you try to step up your game, let it come to you.

Be available by sitting nearby when they don’t have home time, but don’t approach them right away. Let them get used to your presence first. Who knows? Maybe after a while it will be convenient for them to contact you. In the wild, parrots often share food. When you do the same with your pet parrot, it shows him that you are part of his pack.

Make sure what you offer your pet is safe and low in salt and spices. Avoid chocolate, junk food, high amounts of dairy products such as hard cheeses and yogurt, avocados, processed meats, onions, sprouted lima beans, fava and dark blue beans, fruit pits, apple pits, and rhubarb.