Absolutely original and beautiful act… Snake Dance on Ameica’s Got Talent!!!

Sophie Dossi is returning to the reality show that helped her become a social media sensation with a massive following across multiple platforms. Before she entertained online audiences by kicking popular TikTok stars, the acrobat stunned viewers by performing similar stunts on America’s Got Talent. In a new video, Sophie is back on the show to teach host Terry Crews a few of her tricks and see if judge Howie Mandel thinks she has what it takes to be a comedian.

Keep scrolling to see Sophie show off her incredible skills. In addition to participating in the 11th season of AGT and finishing in the top 10, Sophie met with other popular contestants of the last show America’s Got Talent: The Champions in 2019. show, but she told Howie that she wanted to show off her comedic skills when she returned to help promote AGT season 16.
“Why do trees have roots?” she asked the professional comedian.
Howie laughed too early and stopped when Sophie came to a climax.
“Because they are always trying to leave,” she said. Sophie tried to tell jokes with her head between her legs, but that didn’t impress Howie either.