Funniest Kindergarten Graduation Ever… They are wonderful!!!

This is the time of the year when award ceremonies, band concerts and graduations usually take place all over the country, marking the culmination of students’ achievements over the past year. Whether it’s college graduation or just playing the piano from memory, May and June are usually the months when students celebrate their accomplishments, big or small. It’s no news that the Covid-19 pandemic is affecting all sorts of academic traditions, including the beloved kindergarten graduation. Graduation in kindergarten is a special moment in a child’s life. Celebrating the transition from predominantly playful learning in kindergarten and preschool, kindergarten graduation ceremonies help children transition to more traditional, sedentary-oriented learning in first grade.

But don’t let this once-in-a-lifetime turn of events stop you from celebrating your child’s successes and accomplishments. Organize your own Kindergarten Graduation to make some memories. While many of us have more free time than usual right now, scheduling your kindergartener’s graduation ceremony can help get them excited, even if it’s a ceremony you’re hosting at home. Just as a child counts down the days until their birthday, anticipation can help children get excited about an important event. Count the days until the ceremony, and in the meantime, make some plans to make sure this day is special for your little one.