Dinosaur-loving boy speechless as T-Rex enters birthday party

When you are a kid, birthday parties become some of the most epic memories of our lives. One young three-year-old boy named, Casen was about to have a once-in-a-lifetime birthday moment.

Casen loves dinosaurs, and his parents decided to have a ‘Three-Rex’ party in his honor. There was a dinosaur cake and theming throughout the home. However, nothing could compare to what happened outside!

Casen is showered in a bubble machine when his father introduces a special guest. Walking right down the sidewalk is an awesome T-Rex puppet with a handler.

Casen looks a little concerned but quickly goes up and pets the dinosaur. His mom, Daisy, helps him get more comfortable, and eventually, Casen kisses the T-Rex right on the nose!

Soon, other dinosaurs began arriving at the party. Daisy said, ‘His reaction was so much more than what his dad or I expected!’ There are some great pictures of Casen holding the smaller dinosaurs.

He even took the leash and walked the T-Rex around the party. Later, the kids got to dance with the dinosaurs at a wild prehistoric dance party! Scientists have yet to prove if dinosaurs could actually dance!

It is a wonderful video that shows the true joy of being a child. Casen believes these are real dinosaurs who have come to his party to celebrate with him!