Mom On Mission To Show Daughter With Rare Birthmark On Face That She’s Beautiful

One mother is on a mission to educate people on social media to accept and love people with birthmarks.

Nicole Lucas Hall has a 13-month-old baby daughter Winry with a birthmark covering half her face and looks different from other children.

She shares her story with the viewers of Good Morning America where she says that Winry was born with the rare birthmark called congenital melanocytic nevi, or CMN.

Recalling the moment when the nurses handed her daughter over to her in the hospital, she says, “When they first handed her to me, I thought it was a bruise,” Hall said. “It was then quickly apparent to my husband and I that it was not a bruise. And like the name, I thought it looked a lot like a mole.”

But instead of being sad about it, Hall is promoting awareness about CMN and has been having discussions with other parents about the positive side of it. “For a lot of people, this is the first time seeing a birthmark like hers and that’s part of why I enjoy sharing,” Hall said.

Hall adds, “This is a good conversation for parents with their children to see kids have differences, or for those parents who do have a kid that looks like Winry or has any kind of a birthmark to see their child represented.”

It is also a matter of worry as the Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia, says that Winry’s condition puts her at risk of developing melanoma. But it is not cancer that Hall is worried about but the bullying that Winry may experience as she gets older.

Hall is making sure she takes all the precautions to protect Winry by protecting her skin from the sun with masks and hats. She adds, “Her health and happiness are our top priority. We have to monitor her with sunscreen. I’m careful with hats and that sort of thing,” Hall said. “I know our regular dermatology appointment is probably going to be our best friend growing up.”

We have never seen a birthmark like that but we know that Winry is an adorable baby. Mom and dad are doing everything for their baby to protect her and keep her in high spirits.

Meanwhile, baby Winry is not at all worried about anything and is just being a blessing to her parents, Hall said, “She just radiates joy. She’s almost always laughing or shrieking. She is just the happiest baby I have ever seen,” Hall said.

Sounds like her parents already have a lot to handle, as Hall adds, “She’s a big talker already. We haven’t got a whole lot of words out, but she tells you like it is and she’s already getting a little bit of sassiness, so I think we’re gonna have a lot on our hands.”

Winry has a lot of followers across the globe as her popularity on TikTok has allowed her mom to virtually meet people from everywhere with a similar condition as her.

One particular user from Brazil has been fun to talk to as they share almost the same story as Winry. Hall says, “We’ve got to talk to several people from Brazil with birthmarks,” Hall said. “One of them has one that is almost identical to Winry and it’s been so fun to talk to her because she’s almost exactly my age.

Let us keep Hall and Winry in our prayers so that the Lord will protect them from all negativity and that this child will grow up in the fear of the Lord and have confidence in His word and believe what He says she is.