Figure skater defies gravity with “Last Airbender” routine

Joseph Klein, popularly known as Joe Klein, trained in figure skating in Colorado Springs, Colorado. However, his native town was Chicago. The 18-year-old did not wait for life to come to him. Instead, he chose to become a world-class figure skater. He started to skate at a very early age as he was passionate about it.

Recently, the talented figure skater collaborated with Jordan Cowan of On Ice Perspectives. He and his coach Damon Allen and his long-time program choreographer Cordero Zuckerman decided to rehearse his dancing moves. The performance was based on the original soundtrack, “Flow Like Water,” from “The Last AirBender.”

The soundtrack was composed by James Newton Howards, one of the most sought-after composers in ice-dancing music. Klein’s dancing moves were impeccable, and the choreography was outstanding. He looked very graceful while dancing.

Klein’s ability to make graceful moves allowed him to move like water flow. The performance was wonderfully done, and the effort of the entire team, including the coach, the choreographer, and Klein himself, was pretty evident.

Even the piece of music, “Flow Like Water,” they chose for the performance would make anyone fall in love with it. As expected, Klein’s graceful moves added to the beauty. In addition, the ease with which the figure skater danced on ice was jaw-droppingly beautiful.

His dancing moves were perfectly timed with the music. Klein’s swift turns while skating, his hand movements, and the jump in the air made it look like he wanted to tell a story to his audience. His dancing moves comprehended the music to which he was performing.

In fact, many people called his dancing skills magical. The whole performance was incredibly done, and the pose with which he ended the dance was brilliant. First, he zoomed around the arena at full speed. Then, when he suddenly turned, he bent on the ground and leaned backward gracefully. That was what some people might call “Showmanship.” Klein lived up to everyone’s expectations.