Angela Lansbury’s wonderfully old-fashioned comedy still feels freshly funny

With a constant stream of the latest movies on online platforms, sometimes choosing one can become overwhelming. But, on the other hand, you might want to fancy some easy viewing that would relax your mind and make you happy. If so, then you can surely opt for a trustworthy classic.

There are several to choose from. However, a few days ago, a snippet from the movie, “The Court Jester,” released in 1955, garnered a lot of attention due to its hilarity. It was a hilarious flick with a complicated comic/adventure story. In addition, the movie had beautiful characters with great dialogue.

The story was a comical version of the Robin Hood-type adventures. But, of course, nothing could go wrong with such an impeccable storyline. Danny Kaye was an absolute delight as the young rebel impersonating the court jester of the not-so-kind king (played by Basil Rathbone).

There were very few actors who could light up the whole story with their presence & Danny was one of them. The talented star could act, sing, dance, and make the audience laugh so much that it would have them in stitches.

In the delightful snippet, Danny’s character is hypnotized into thinking that he is a handsome lover of Princess Gwendolyn (played by Angela Lansbury). The Jester would come in and out of the trance whenever someone would snap their fingers. Danny’s expression changed every time during the finger-snapping sequence. This showed how talented he was and had mastered the art of playing different characters.

The panoramic landscape in the movie looked gorgeous. Most of the film was set at Roderick’s castle, which visually attracted the audience. Some might find the film silly, but “The Court Jester” humor was all about silliness.

“The Court Jester” had influenced several other movies, but this was a very diverse work and could easily be categorized as a masterpiece. It had such outstanding actors, including Angela Lansbury, Glynis Johns, Basil Rathbone, & many more, that made the movie memorable and entertaining.