Shy Autistic Toddler Falls Head-Over-Heels in Love With Snow White at Disney World

Jack is a two-year-old boy from Florida. He is shy, sweet, and autistic. In this video, he is dressed in his favorite Disney costume, almost as if he knew something special was about to happen. And boy did something special happen.

Snow White works her magic in this video during a fantastic encounter with a special member of the Coley family. You can see the moment Jack fell in love with Snow White. This is such a beautiful moment for everyone nearby. Young Jack is absolutely enamored with the perfect Snow White in front of him.

Snow White is so sweet, and the way that little boy looks at her melts my heart. This is what being human is all about. Mom says that Jack must have fallen in love with this princess. He certainly seems smitten. 

The young lady does a beautiful job, worthy of any Disney princess. She goes beyond the call of duty with her exemplary kindness, and her smile is positively contagious. Although autistic children are all very different, some of the most common characteristics that they share are a dislike for making direct eye contact and close physical contact, especially with strangers.

But Jack is fascinated with Snow White in this video. He sits close to her, stares into her face, and even smiles when she smiles at him. It is fantastic that Snow White can hold his hand. At one point, Jack lays his head in her lap. Snow White’s reaction is pure joy as he reaches out to her.

The power of fantasy is genuinely magical — three cheers for Jack and for this lovely young lady who played Snow White. She is indeed, a princess. Thank you for making this young man’s day very special and turning it into a memory he will never forget.