4 Tiny Girls Line Up For Their Christmas Dance Recital – Keep Your Eyes on the Darling with the Pink Glasses

Four little girls in identical costumes appear on stage to begin their well-rehearsed Christmas Dance. They look adorable in their red tutus and black bows. But the girl on the end has a mind of her own.

The three girls begin the routine swaying in unison to “I Saw Mommy Kissing Santa Claus.” The charming star on the right begins to boogie to the music, making eye contact with the audience.

The audience cannot take their eyes off the little girl on the end who is comfortably inventing moves of her own! Those dancing lessons have really paid off because as you’ll see, she’s pretty good! She definitely has stage presence.

I would say she definitely has some competition for the spotlight because the little girl in the pink glasses is over-the-top adorable. What a carefree spirit! And in all honestly, they are all very good for their very young age.

They’re all very cute doing their own creative interpretations of the routine and they deserve our applause. They did a great job.

As the song finishes, all the girls take a bow, and their teacher comes to gather them to leave the stage. But one of the dancers has not finished yet, she has enjoyed herself so much. She races back towards the center stage for more dancing!

This video made me smile after a really long day and I hope it will make you smile, too.