California Mom’s Third Pregnancy Unexpectedly Turns Out To Be Triplets

When Anji and Gino, her husband, learned that she was pregnant, they were overjoyed. They already had two sons and had high hopes that this time they would be able to give their children a little sister.

If the idea of having a daughter was not big enough for the family, they soon found out that they should have three at once.

They were simply amazed to hear that they would soon be the parents of five children, not the three they had hoped for. Of course, being pregnant with triplets is very interesting, but at the same time, it also puts the future mother and her life at a certain risk.

They later found out that two of the children, Anabela and Camila, were identical twins who shared the same placenta, while Daniela was a paternal trio. Anzhi’s doctors have warned him that one of the same sisters may not develop properly because of a joint plaque, Maternity Week reports.

Other risk factors for reproduction include cerebral hemorrhage and underdeveloped lungs. While the family hoped for the best, their anxiety increased when it turned out that one of the same girls was getting too much fluid while the other was not getting enough.

Twenty-seven weeks later, Anji was taken to a hospital to be monitored by medical staff. It may have been difficult for both her and her family to stay home, but she wanted to be the best mother she could have for her children and her family.

Anjin knew that “anything can happen” later in pregnancy and tried to be ready for any opportunity. If you watch the video below, you will see the birth of these three sisters, or “three stars” as Gino called them.

In the next 3 minutes and 45 seconds, the wheel enters the delivery room, and it gives us a different look at the triplets born.