9-Year-Old Boy With Dyslexia Uses Rubik’s Cubes To Create John Cena Portrait

People with learning disabilities may lag behind in their student-friendly education, but now people see dyslexia in a new light and in a whole new way. Dyslexia means a learning disability that makes reading and writing difficult. Words often appear to the reader. This disability is widely recognized and there are several methods and practices that can help children learn.

However, it is rare to hear that a child who has been diagnosed with dyslexia has benefited. Recently, scientists and researchers have begun to study the special abilities and abilities that people with dyslexia seem to have, many of which are common. According to the University of Michigan, about five percent of the population has a disability, but it is enough for scientists to study many of the features that they have begun to discover over time.

According to the Davis Dyslexia Association International, memory enhancement is one of the significant benefits of having dyslexia. Spatial logic can be said to be the second benefit in question, and that of 9-year-old Benjamin Rousseau, who uses Montreal (Canada) to create stunning masterpieces of art with the help of Rubik’s Cube.

Benjamin recently shared his disability story with the world in his YouTube video, which is now widely circulated on the Internet, but Benjamin has decided to focus specifically on the benefits of disability. After appearing in the video, Benjamin sits down to create a work of art, an image made entirely of Rubik’s cube. The time-lapse video shows Benjamin creating a 3D image cube with a cube, first arranging one side of the cube to reflect the colors needed to create the large image and get the final result.

About five hours later, Benjamin is ready to display his work of art, a huge painting by John Senna. Due to his disability and spatial awareness, Benjamin is able to easily create similar images and many works of art. But the most impressive thing is that he can see all these rewards, even though they come with other difficulties.

In the video, Benjamin’s message is very clear, his disability can not hold him back, but on the contrary pushes him further with gifts and rewards that he can receive and use to his advantage. Benjamin says that dyslexia is a superpower for him, and until new research is done, scientists agree with the fact that some forces of memory and logic really increase for all those who suffer from dyslexia.