Look at this two months old miracle who is swimming like a professional…She is awesomeVIDEO

Swimming can be considered one of the most useful, best sports of the early period, where there are almost no restrictions. The department accepts children starting from 3 years old. For children, swimming can be considered not only a sport, but also a means of entertainment.

Its benefits and all the positive aspects are due to the combination of physical activity and water healing properties. Little-known facts about the benefits of swimming for children.

Improvement of cognitive functions. Early water activity is able to stimulate and promote the key parts of the brain that are responsible for cognitive functions. According to research, children who have swam for three to five years are significantly better than their peers in reading, literacy and math. Reducing the risk of accidents on water. Here they will learn how to act in case of extreme situations, so that they can reach the shore, not to drown, because, as you know, the most common cause of drowning is panic. Development of independence and purposefulness.

Swimming, like any other sport, makes children more courageous, fit, purposeful and independent. These qualities will enable them to achieve great success in their lives, and this applies not only to sports, but also to career and personal life. According to statistics, swimmers more often become successful and purposeful businessmen and scientists.