60-Year-Old Gold Medal Champions With Perfect Score Skate On Ice To “Bridge Over Troubled Water”

There are probably few sports that are as elegant and magical as icebergs can be. There is something so calming and subtle about seeing the skillful ice cubes slide on the ice in a way we can never have imagined. The flexibility of the body and the coordination of movements that we see from these representations are truly awe-inspiring. We are mainly interested in the fact how people can be so flexible and light in their movements, and for that it only takes a few hours for them to be so good and to be able to present themselves to the public with a special egg. There is no doubt that in order to reach the peak and ultimate success of sports, it is necessary to attend strict trainings and work very hard to achieve such a good result. World-famous glacier legends Jane Thorville and Christopher Dean know what it takes. After a highly respected career as ice skaters, they are now judging all these competitions.

Regardless of everything, from time to time they have the opportunity to perform fully and show that even after leaving the competitive sport, the couple has remained just as good, if not better, than on the way to reach the peak of their sport. In March 2019, they performed “Bridge Over Troubled Water” at the ITV Dancing On Ice Championships. They were quite old, but the huge skaters were able to surpass even the best skiers of our time. After their performance was broadcast, they took to Twitter and other social media platforms to share their views. Just as they simply stunned the spectators at the 1984 Winter Olympics by setting a world record, so today they continue to amaze and amaze all their fans and admirers.