Secret Santa Surprises Woman Injured While Serving Others At Church

Christmas came early for this kind woman. Secret Santa has been extra nice to her and gave her thousands of dollars. This injured woman who has been faithfully serving in the church and helping others got the biggest surprise of her life.

Arlene from Idaho was described as an “earthly angel.” She has been taking care of kids in their church and treats them as her own. She memorized their names, made them feel welcome, and helped get them to their classes. She has also been doing other stuff to help people, just like when she took a task for someone who had COVID.

She went to their church to make sure that the doors and windows were locked at night. She assumed this task for someone who had COVID. Unfortunately, she fell, and this resulted in a broken nose and facial bones. Her hands were in her pocket during the fall. That’s why she was not able to use them to protect her face.

She went to the hospital, and the doctors performed surgery to remedy the situation. The following day, Arlene had already opened her home to a family of four who had nowhere to come home to. It’s common to see this woman going above and beyond to help others. She also takes care of a niece who has a disability from time to time. The kids in their church drew and made get-well-soon cards for their beloved Arlene the following Sunday.

Then, one of the most significant events in Arlene’s life happened. A Secret Santa gave $1M to three newscasters from East Idaho. They need to give it to anyone deserving in Idaho. These three men suddenly appeared on Arlene’s doorstep to deliver an early Christmas present.

They pressed the doorbell, and kind Arlene welcomed them, not knowing what would happen next. She briefly narrated what happened to her when she had an accident and told them that she was with her friends now at home. The newscasters gave her a box with a $10,000 check in it. She was so thankful and surprised. “Thank you to whoever gave me this,” Arlene said. Nate, the newscaster, said that she could use it for whatever she needed. He suggested that she could use it to have her bathroom repaired. Her shower was broken, and other things needed to be fixed in her house.

This kind-hearted woman was given another small box. She was so thankful to see another $10,000 check inside the box. “Another $10,000. I don’t know what to say,” Arlene said. She was in awe and very grateful for the unexpected gift and assured them that she would put them to good use.

They say that “what goes around comes around.” This woman has been sowing good seeds, and now, it’s time to reap. Arlene was delighted to help without expecting anything in return. However, we cannot certainly exhaust God’s resources. He has a way of blessing us with more than what we’ve imagined. The world will be a special place if everyone is sowing good seeds one day at a time. At the right time, we will also reap what we’ve sown.

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