AGT gives birth to a star when Sara James performs Elton John’s ‘Rocket Man’

The fight for the winning spot continued as there were 11 finalists at America’s Got Talent. One of the performances was of a 14-year-old singer from Poland, Sara James, who had received Simon Cowell’s Golden Buzzer earlier.

For her live performance, the talented singer added her own touch to Elton John’s classic song, “Rocket Man.” The beautiful teen was dressed in shiny silver from head to toe and began singing in a lower voice before she could build up a crescendo when she ended the song.

Everyone was mesmerized by the beautiful rendition of the classic Elton John song and gave a standing ovation to the talented artist. Usually, AGT kept the best acts for the last & this was no exception.

When judging the performance, Simon Cowell stated, “Wow! Sara, I am very emotional for you now because I know how much this means to you. Like I said, to fly here [at 14 years old], the pressure is on you to deliver tonight and choose a song.”

He further said, “That song choice was genius, by the way. Absolute genius. Because you’ve heard the expression ‘to make a song your own,’ that’s what you did. I think you’re gonna find Elton John retweeting the song this time.”

Heidi Klum was the next to share her views on the performance. She said, “I mean, absolutely amazing, and I have to also give it to Simon. You surely know how to pick the stars. I mean, here we have one. You are absolutely incredible.”

Last but not least, Howie Mandel gave his opinion about how he felt about the song. He stated, “You know, ultimately that was a winning performance — it really was a winning performance. Your look, poise, and talent are that of a superstar.”