Husky and Baby Becoming Best Friends… So adorable moment…

They say that a dog is a man’s best friend, but over the past year I have become convinced that this is not so. A dog is a child’s best friend. The bond between a baby and a pet is undeniable and unlike anything else, and there’s nothing better than watching your fur baby and your human baby become best friends. As Wally got a little older and became very active, they became inseparable.

They play ball together, dance together, play sprinklers together, and Dotty even joins us during our nightly routine before Wally goes to bed. Watching Wally fall in love with his big fur babysitter Dottie is so touching and at times hilarious. He hugs her when she’s afraid of a storm, he feeds her more of his dinner than himself, he giggles uncontrollably when he defies her sloppy kisses, and his first word was “Point to Point.”

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