Emotional Little brother steals the show at sister’s wedding

Guz and Kate were as fat as thieves until she informed Kate of her engagement to Troy. Gus, Kate’s 9-year-old half-brother, did not want everything to change between them now that she was getting married.

Guz was also afraid that his older sister might not have time for him now that she had already decided to get married. He was sad when he thought that sooner or later he would lose his best friend.

When the wedding took place in a beautiful church, something extraordinary and magical happened. Guz saw how happy his older sister was and wanted more than her absolute happiness could be.

He had not planned to perform at the reception in advance, but Guz was very excited to express his best wishes and wish the happy and newlywed couple. He got on stage and immediately got excited and started crying.

Her emotional response was overwhelming, there was no one at the wedding who would not be upset to see it all. Even the bride and groom started to cry when Guz wrote that he was talking.

Guz told Kate how much he loved her and that she was the best sister in the world that a child could ever ask for. He also thanked her for being able to make a wonderful life partner for him.

Kate hugged her brother tightly. Guz was able to give us the most powerful message. Never give up the opportunity to tell the people you care about most about how much you love them and how important they are to you.

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Emotional Little brother steals the show at sister’s wedding
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