10 Year Old Opera Singer Leaves Simon Cowell In Awe!

Emanne Beasha – She is the winner of the fifth season of “Arabs Got Talent” program and took the ninth place in the fourteenth season of Got Talent America. Besha gave a concert for the 5th season of “Arabs Gained Talent” in 2017 at the age of 8 andwas awarded the title of Golden Beetle. On May 20, he won the final with a “Time to Say Goodbye” T-shirt and a $ 130,000 prize. As a reward for victory, Besha during the Independence Day celebrations on May 25, 2017 at the Ragadani Palace, King Abdullah IIReceived (gold) from Ibn al-Husayn by King Abdullah II, becoming the youngest recipient of history.

In 2019, Beasha recorded the concert program for the 14th season of “America got Talent”, for which she performed “Nessun dorma”. The play received a positive response, with Simon Cowell saying of Emane, “You are truly fantastic.” Besha received four yes from the judges to advance from the audits to the District of Judges.