Brother Has Priceless Reaction When His Little Sister Makes Her First 8-Feet Basketball Shot

If you’re a basketball fan, you’ve probably cheered for Lebron, Curry, or Durant. But this supportive big brother jumped with joy as he cheered for no other than her little sister.

For Zeke, his five-year-old little sister is his MVP. He could not contain his joy upon watching his sister make her first shot on an 8-feet basketball hoop. They both jumped with joy after her winning shot. Zeke carried her sister and celebrated her victory!

Guess this proud bro has been the one who’s patiently coaching her sister. It was an achievement for the young girl since she opted to go for the higher hoop and not for the mini-hoop beside it. This little girl shrieks with joy while their mom (most likely) records the milestone.

Kudos to their parents who have raised supportive and selfless kids. For sure, this big bro will be cheering for more milestones of his baby sister in the future. May we also be like him who is the first to celebrate others’ milestones. May we be quick to encourage, compliment, and cheer for our loved ones, friends, workmates, etc. This young man has already shown how big his heart is. There’s no room in his heart for pride and insecurity.

“The surest way to be happy is to seek happiness for others.” -Martin Luther King Jr.

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