The Mayyas Are JUST UNBELIEVABLE On The America’s Got Talent Finale!

Lebanese dance troupe Mayyas performed in the America’s Got Talent finals on Tuesday night, “astonishing” judges.

The co-ordinated dance featured white, feathered outfits and sparkling globes of light in a moody routine that won a standing ovation from the crowd.

“Fabulous,” shouted judge Sofia Vergara, who gave Mayyas her golden buzzer after their first audition. “Another level.”

“This is what a million dollars looks like,” said fellow judge Heidi Klum. “You brought your A game every time you came and tonight it was A plus.”

Simon Cowell said the performance was “astonishing”. “Something has happened with you where I’m beginning to feel a buzz beyond the show. This has landed.

“It’s global. It’s huge. I don’t think you can top that.”