Baby Annika sees snowfall for the first time… ?VIDEO

As temperatures drop each winter, so does the amount of time we spend outside. This is especially true for children – play time may be limited by the room. It may be tempting to hide inside until the weather gets warmer, but outdoor play is essential for your kids’ wellness all year round. Only 35% of children aged 5 to 17 receive the recommended amount of physical activity.

Physical activity is essential for your child’s healthy development, and being outdoors is the best way to get moving. Outdoor physical activity has been linked to all sorts of health benefits, including increased cholesterol levels, blood pressure, bone density, and more. Your children will also absorb the required amount of vitamin D while playing.

Outdoor play is also good for brain health. In addition to the physical health benefits, physical activity also improves cognitive function, brain function, and mental health. Time in nature can also reduce stress levels and ADHD symptoms. In winter, the room can turn into a microbial factory full of bacteria. Going outside introduces your kids to fresh, clean air.