Dad turns his daughter’s bedtime story into a book. She burst into happy tears after unwrapping her birthday gift… ?VIDEO

We all have one book that we remember our parents reading to us night after night (after night, after night) as children. As we grew up, many of us still keep a copy of this book by our side to remind ourselves of our childhood. Katherine Crabtree, like the rest of us, has a favorite bedtime story, but her father made it up, so there’s no printed copy.

When her 10th birthday arrived, her father decided he needed to do something about it. Brad Crabtree and Katherine have the kind of father-daughter relationship that every dad dreams of with their little girl. When Katherine is older, she (like all children) will want to be put to bed and told a bedtime story. Eventually, Brad came up with a story about Princess Katherine and a unicorn named Frankie. The story became Katherine’s favorite and she begged for it night after night.

Knowing how much his daughter loves the story, Brad decided to create a hard copy of the book, which he called The Adventures of Princess Katherine. The book not only had their classic bedtime story, but Brad added additional stories to help his daughter in life. Some of the stories dealt with topics such as bullying and sharing.