Look kids’ amazing reactions. Children enjoy playing in the water… ?VIDEO

Water, water everywhere… and lots of games! Most kids I know just love to splash. Whether it’s playing in the tub, running on a sprinkler or diving into the ocean, water remains water for a playful child, and most children enjoy playing in it in one form or another. But why do children love to play in the water so much? What is it about water play that makes it so appealing?

“Children usually enjoy playing in the water because it stimulates their senses and is often soothing. We cannot forget that we are formed in the womb surrounded by water, and for most of us it was a safe place to grow and develop.” – Maureen Healy , author of The Emotionally Healthy Child and founder of the Raising Happy Children program for parents and teachers.

Healy explains that playing with water helps children engage their senses, which children often do naturally during all kinds of play. “Boys and girls playing with water stimulate many senses,” she says. “Most kids love to use their five senses for learning and development, including touch, sight, and sounds, which most water games have.”