Funny babies are confused by twin daddies… ?VIDEO

Your bundle of joy is finally in your hands – you are probably wondering if your little one recognizes you! Well, the thing is, babies are naturally drawn to faces and prefer to watch human faces over other things. In the next article, we will discuss when children recognize their mom, dad, and other people they know.

A newborn baby feels more comfortable around the mother, because not only is the smell and voice of the mother familiar to him, but the baby sees her more often during the day. In most cases, a child spends much more time with his mother than other family members, so children are the first to recognize their mothers.

By the time the baby is three months old and can distinguish between different faces, he may start to be wary of strangers and unfamiliar faces. So the question remains: Do babies recognize their mother at birth? Well, it’s still debatable, but a mother is certainly one of the first people a newborn baby meets.