You may have many best friends but your dog only has one… ?VIDEO

The key to getting your dog and child to get along? Plan ahead! Follow our step-by-step guide to introducing your pet to your newborn, starting with what you can do to ease the transition during pregnancy. If your dog hasn’t attended basic obedience classes yet, it’s time to sign her up.

Behaviors that seem harmless now, like jumping up to greet you at the door, can become a problem when you’re eight months pregnant or carrying a baby. An instructor can help fix this. Many dogs have never been around children before. Little people do unpredictable things that adults don’t, such as making jerky movements, screaming, and getting into dogs’ muzzles.

To introduce your pet to toddlers, take him to the park to see how he reacts to toddlers from a distance, Stilwell suggests. Ask mom friends if you can walk beside them when their baby is in a stroller, or if all goes well, even beside them. This tactic will gradually accustom your dog to the sight and sound of children.