Water play is a sensory extravaganza as children feel the wetness, hear the splashes, see the bubbles and waves… ?VIDEO

Splashing in the bath, pouring water from the cups again and again and, of course, swimming! Water games are a huge hit with babies and toddlers and are a great way to distract a fussy toddler with a new activity or just splash around in hot weather. Want to dive into water play with your child? Here’s exactly what the term means, a few ways to encourage it, and some important safety tips. Grab some towels and your bathing suit and get ready for some wet and wild fun!

Water play for kids is really parent-child time, so put on clothes you don’t mind getting wet and have some fun with your little one. Here’s how to do it: Bath game. You’ll be doing this a couple of times a week, of course, but make the most of it by adding colorful cups and showing your child how the water fills and pours out.

Tray for water. Fill the highchair tray half an inch of water and let it taste the water at that angle. Soak it up. Lips are so much fun! Show how they collect water and then squeeze it out. Your child will probably prefer to chew on the sponge, so make sure it is very clean. Blow bubbles. Enhance your laughter with soap bubbles outdoors or in the bath. Show your child how small bubbles float on water and others burst and you get wet.