This is so heartwarming! Dad and her little princess enjoy playing guitar together… ?VIDEO

Your child has decided that he will play the guitar. Or so you decided. At what age can you start learning? The minimum age at which a child is able to learn to play musical instruments is 4-5 years old, when he perceives information well and literally “absorbs” new knowledge. By the age of 12, the human brain is already almost formed, as is his psyche. Therefore, if you are counting on some success in music lessons, then the sooner a child picks up a guitar, the better.

But if the desire to play the guitar has arisen, then you can start absolutely at any age! There are several signs that a child is ready to play the guitar: The child can hold the guitar in a comfortable position. The fingers must be strong and developed to pluck the strings. The child must be diligent enough, which is important for regular classes. In the desire of parents to raise a musician, the main thing is not to overdo it, not to put pressure, not to discourage the child from playing the guitar.

If you have doubts about the voluntary nature of such activities, then you should wait until the child is ready for them, because playing the guitar is a creative process that should bring pleasure, and not just the result. So the decision has been made. We turn from words to deeds and go to choose the first instrument, a real guitar, on which the future of your child as a musician may depend. Where to start, what to look for, what to be guided by when choosing a guitar? It is the answers to these questions that this article will be devoted to.