Fantastic and energetic baby will amaze you with her dance… ?VIDEO

Some children are naturally light graceful movements. They can be as instinctive as rolling over, crawling, and then walking. Every second child needs a little more support and direction. Once children find their rhythm, fostering a love of music, enjoying rhythmic movements daily, and even attending toddler dance classes can be extremely valuable. Starting your child’s dance training at an early age improves their physical, emotional and social skills. Dancing with babies helps develop their sense of physical self-expression.

Participating in toddler dance classes can help spark creativity in young children, as many activities have a strong element of imagination. Children are asked to imagine themselves in various situations and make movements and shapes in response to the music. These activities can also see children develop a love and appreciation for other performing and creative arts. It is never too early to instill a love of physical activity in children.

When children dance with their parents or other children, they discover a full range of motion, develop body awareness, and fine-tune balance, muscle strength, and coordination. Associating different movement patterns with fun and enlightenment creates a positive relationship between body use, fitness and health, and feeling great.