Her singing style is unique. She definitely got a magical voice… ?VIDEO

Alyssa Baker is an actress, writer, and composer. She is also a singer. At 23, she has already gained great popularity due to her talent and abilities. From a young age, she was attracted to art. It is known that she began to sing all the songs that sounded on the radio when she was only 2 years old.

And when she was 5 years old, she asked her parents to take her to a singing lesson. Since childhood, she has continued her passion for singing, acting, and writing, and by following her passion today, she has reached the level she is today. She releases her songs on YouTube and Deezer.

The genres she sings are flock and pop. She is associated with the record company Essential Media Group. In collaboration with this label, she released her album. And one of her favorite albums is Dance Party Vol.