This was the most beautiful and amazing combination of different dance styles!!!

Alex and Felice are an acrobatic dance duo from FantasyAGT: Once Upon A Time. They were eliminated in Judge Cuts, but were brought back as wildcards for the wildcard round, where they were eliminated again. The duo Alex & Felice create a lot of tension and acrobatic dance emotions on stage. These talented and affectionate dancers create breathtaking moments with their expressive blend of expressionist dance, a fusion of elegance and infectious rhythms.

The duo Alex & Felice is a great enrichment for every DDC performance. Their emotions and charming choreography captivate every viewer. Alex and Felice’s Judge Cuts on Episode OUT01 consisted of an acrobatic dance routine. Mikey, Luke, guest judge KD, Penny and Foose gave the duo a standing ovation. However, their performance was not strong enough for the judges to send them to the quarterfinals, eliminating them from the competition instead of Brothers of Dance. They were later reinstated as wildcards for the wildcard round.