Baby Gets Emotional When Mom Sings Opera!!!

The very first thing our baby hears in the womb is, of course, her voice. There is nothing more important for a baby than the perception of mother’s voice timbre. He will distinguish him from a million others and never confuse him. When mom starts to sing, the song seems to fascinate him, penetrates into the very soul of the little man. The child calms down, relaxes, falls asleep faster. All daytime worries for him recede into the background. He still does not understand the meaning of the words, but he really likes this singing, he listens attentively.

Gradually, as he grows up, he can distinguish individual words and capture the meaning of the song. Imagination develops – the representation of the fairy-tale heroes of the song, their actions. Listening to mother’s songs, the child’s psyche is positively formed. It is easier to adapt in society with peers. These babies sleep better and sounder. When such children grow up, they become more self-confident and less likely to suffer from mental disorders.