Childless couple decided to adopt triplets, but suddenly became the parents of 6 children

American spouses Andy and Sarah Justice dreamed of having many children.

But Sarah couldn’t get pregnant.

A few years later, the husband and wife went to the doctor. He made a disappointing diagnosis: Sarah is barren.

This upset the couple. But soon they decided to adopt a child. In the States, there is such a practice: a woman, even at the stage of pregnancy, refuses a child in someone’s favor.

Andy and Sarah found such a woman.

But after a while it became known that the “sponsor” of the Justices was expecting not one, but three children.

This news only delighted the spouses. After all, they just dreamed of numerous offspring.

As a result, the woman gave birth to two girls and one boy. But that’s not all.

Very soon, Sarah was surprised to find out that she was pregnant. And not just one, but two babies. But the surprises didn’t end there.

A year later, Sarah became pregnant again. As a result, in just two and a half years, the Justices became parents to six children.