Intrigued cockatoo meets human mom’s new baby

Katie Vannoy loved her pets too much and was willing to move heaven and earth for them. Recently, she gave birth to a wonderful and beautiful baby boy whom she named Oliver. The baby was perfectly healthy and Katey was doing well.

Just one day after Oliver was born, he was discharged from the hospital. Kate and her hobby immediately decided to let the birds see and meet the new baby for the first time when he arrived home.

He brought Gotcha, the Moluccan cockatoo, out of the cage and began to tell him about the new baby. Gotcha was unusually quiet and actually looked at Oliver with a lot of interest. Even Lety, the African gray parrot, did not know at all what to do and how to behave in such a situation.

Lety suddenly looked at the owner as if he wanted to ask – What did you bring? Even his pet dogs were extremely interested in seeing Oliver, and they didn’t seem to want to leave the baby.

Gotcha looked at the baby with interest and very carefully and tried to suck the blanket with which the baby was covered. After being together, Oliver and Kate’s pets began to bond even more after a few days together.

However, the birds were still interested in the baby and wanted to be closer to the baby. Katie and her husband thought that the birds were just making noise around the baby, and even Oliver was not at all afraid of their presence.

The pets were extremely surprised by the new addition, especially Gotcha and Letty, who were eager to be closer to the baby. Katie was fantastic at introducing her pets as she took the time to walk each of her pets around the baby and let them adjust and get used to the baby.