This dance of the teachers conquered the net. Well done.

Teachers are important to every student. The assimilation of the material and love for the school depend on the approach of the teacher to the children. Unfortunately, they do not always want to find a common language with students. But these teachers are role models. They are open to everything new and young at heart. They staged a real flash mob in honor of graduation. This dance has taken the internet by storm! The profession of a teacher, at all times, is one of the most important in society, because the future of our children, our future depends on his efforts. It’s the only one

A person who spends most of his time professionally raising and educating children. Training and education are the two main functions in the activity of a teacher. It has always been like this, but our life is changing, and we must understand that we must keep up with the times. Search and find new methods and forms of work. Today, very high professional requirements are imposed on the teacher, such as universal education, erudition, awareness, progressiveness.

The ability to conduct interesting lessons, give interesting tasks. You can not ignore the appearance and style of the teacher. In my opinion, the worst thing in the teaching profession is the lack of a true vocation, indifference to children. After all, a child cannot be deceived. He recognizes falsehood, they will react sharply to inattention, and will appreciate those teachers who will treat him with respect and understanding. A teacher in any situation must be honest with his students, find a common language with them, understand children’s problems.