Waitress Sings Happy Birthday To ‘Hearing Impaired’ Boy in sign language…

Two servers at Murfreesboro Texas Roadhouse were instrumental in making a little boy’s birthday special by not only wishing him happy birthday, but also singing it.
Octavius ​​Mitchell Jr. was born hearing impaired, and his mother and uncle treated him to a treat for his fourth birthday.

A group of waiters and waitresses gave him a restaurant birthday party and put him on a saddle. However, the two servers returned to her table and made it even more special. After they finished wishing Octavius ​​a happy birthday, his mother was very excited.

Shatika Dixon said: “Everyone thinks we’re crazy when we come out to chat and sign. So it’s really important to me that somebody notices that and takes that and makes it special just for them, my child.”

White said: “As a server, I want you to be able to enter, I want to be like: “Oh, this is my house!” I belong here.”

Octavius’ mother said the whole night was wonderful and memorable, and it was the first time he had signed a contract with other people.