He Wrote An Encouraging Song With His Goddaughter For Loved One With Autism

Tommy Byrne is an amazing musician and songwriter. An encouraging song came to him one night and he began to write.

It was a song for his cousin Anthony who has Autism. He was having a hard time finding words to finish the song. But he was determined to inspire Anthony. Since he was stuck, he knew that someone could probably help him with the words. Then it came to him and he thought of just who can help him out.

His young goddaughter who happens to be Anthony’s sister so she understands the message behind the song. So Tommy knew it would be a great idea to reach out to her and help him write the song.

So, the two of them got together to finish the song for the person they love. And when they finished writing it, Tommy grabbed his guitar and got the camera rolling. While he played the guitar, the two of the sang what they wrote. And it was the most beautiful song.