Dad Films 8-Year-Old Daughter Singing ‘Girl On Fire’ While Cleaning The Pool

An 8-year-old Pensacola girl has gone viral after her dad shared a TikTok video of her singing and cleaning the pool at the same time.

Tom Coverly, father of Anni Coverly, said he caught Anni belting a poolside performance of Alicia Keys’ “Girl on Fire,” as she cleaned their pool.

“It’s not unusual for her to sing, but that day was the first I heard her belt out Alicia Keys’ song ‘Girl on Fire,” he said. “I put it on record and was like, ‘let me capture this.’”

“It kind of just started to explode,” he said. (The views) were coming in the hundreds of thousands a day at first and then all of a sudden about a million everyday.”

The video has got more than 8.4 million views and counting and Anni has now caught the attention of the “Girl on Fire” singer Alicia Keys herself. “I love this!!! Sing mama!!!” Keys commented on the video. “You are amazing!! And you ARE on fire!!!!”