Adorable Babies Crawl Across The Finish Line In A Baby Race

For fans of Lithuanian basketball, the most exciting competition at the arena that night wasn’t the players, it was the babies. The BC Zalgiris Kaunas held a baby crawling competition, lining up babies to see which is the fastest crawler. Watching these competitors crawl across the finish line just melts our hearts.

When folks came down the sports arena to watch their local basketball team compete, they were delighted when halftime featured a competition of an altogether different type of athlete. The BC Zalgiris Kaunas featured a baby crawling race, where they lined up tiny tots and watched to see which one would reach the finish line first.

Babies are cute the world over, and everyone likes to watch them crawl. This was the case for the crowd in Lithuania that night, that featured families with babies racing. The cheers and laughter seemed to spur some kids on, confuse others, and even make a couple babies unhappy. No matter who crossed the finished line, the real winners were everyone who got to see it.