‘Herman’s Hermits’ lead singer Peter Nonne[‘s solo hit ‘Oh, You Pretty Thing’

Herman’s Hermits were considered one of the biggest bands of the 1960s. They managed to sell over 80 million records and chart with 22 singles. Their lead singer, Peter Noo, had real star power and natural talent. After the group broke up, Petros recorded several successful singles.

Peter scored a hit on his solo effort, “Oh, You Pretty Thing.” The song peaked at No. 12 on the UKSingles Chart andNo. 100 in Australia. The song helped somewhat because he wrote itDavid Bowie, who also played the piano based on the songs.

Peter performed the song live on an episode of the pop show Whittaker’s World of Music. The performance started right when Petros was sitting on the stage with a microphone, singing on a chair. There were many people sitting behind him in the crowd.

As he sings, 15 girls individually come to kiss him. Almost all of them remained on the stage, sitting next to him and simply admiring him. During the last chorus, the whole crowd applauded.

“Oh you beautiful things, don’t you know you’re driving your mums and dads just mad?” Dark lyric poetry fully reflects the ideals of spiritualist Aleister Crowley and philosopher Friedrich Nietzsche.

It was just a great performance by a fantastic showman. Peter, no one knew how to actually put on a show with “Herman’s Hermits” since his days. He was able to reflect and translate that ability into his solo career.

His other success came in 1974 with “Meet Me on the Corner Down at Joe’s Cafe”.During the 1989 solo recordings I’m Into Something Good. No one has appeared on Broadway in The Pirates of Penzance either. It was already clear that Petros loved to perform in front of the crowd andentertain them.